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rfidRFID is a cost effective alternative to barcodes for controlling inventory. In recent years, the combination of decreasing costs and increasing capabilities make RFID today's preferred technology. Moving to or purchasing an RFID system dramatically reduces labor costs while increasing the speed and efficiency of inventory tracking and control. InvoTech specializes in RFID systems and integrates appropriate readers, antennas and tags to fulfill the specific requirements of each client. Our systems are directly linked to and control all the RFID equipment providing faster and more accurate processing of incoming data from the readers.

What is RFID and How Does it Work with GIMSTM?

RFID Chip & Antenna

RFID Chip & Antenna

Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID, is an automatic way to collect item, place, time, or transaction data quickly and easily without human interventionor error. An RFID system comprises a reader, its associated antenna and transponders (tags) that carry the data.

The reader transmits a low-power radio signal through its antenna, which is received by the tag via its own antenna to power an integrated circuit (chip). Using the energy it gets from the signal when it enters the radio field, the tag briefly converses with the reader for verification and transmits its data.


RFID tags are attached to each item (linen or uniform) you wish to track and manage. Each tag has a unique ID code. Once that information is received by the reader, it is then sent to GIMS™. The system then knows exactly where each item is located, who is responsible for it and what activities (cleaning, repair, etc.) have occurred.

We utilize either 15mm or 22mm RFID chips, each less than 3mm thick. The chips are provided pre-inserted into a double-woven pouch that is sewn onto the item. The chips are fully encased to withstand the heat, water and chemicals associated with the laundry and dry cleaning processes. In addition, the chips we use are specially designed and guaranteed not to crack or fail under the extreme pressure generated by laundry equipment.

What are the Benefits of RFID?

Unlike barcode technology, RFID technology does not require contact or line of sight for communication. This makes reading RFID tags substantially faster than scanning barcodes. In addition, the transponders we use allow multiple items to be read simultaneously, further reducing the amount of time it takes to manage uniform and linen operations. Several labor-hours daily can be saved using RFID.

The unique ID code of the RFID chips cannot be falsified and eliminates the possibility of error. Data entry is more accurate with RFID than barcodes.

In addition, RFID chips may be re-used when the item to which it is attached wears out and is discarded. Unlike barcodes which are discarded when an item wears out, RFID transponders may be removed and applied to a new item when replacement occurs. This factor reduces your on-going expenses for supplies as compared with barcode solutions.

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InvoTech has hundreds of satisfied clients worldwide in more than 30 countries, including hotels, resorts, casinos, theme parks, stadiums, arenas, convention centers, medical centers, cleanrooms, and laundries.

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