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uhf_rfid Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) RFID technology has been fully integrated into InvoTech’s GIMS™ suite of applications. The use of UHF-RFID with GIMS™ creates an amazing boost in efficiency and much greater control of all linen and uniform inventory.

Like high frequency RFID that InvoTech has been providing for several years, UHF-RFID allows for reading multiple items at once. UHF, however, can read hundreds of linens and uniforms per second and has the added benefit of much greater reading distance than HF (6-9 feet for UHF vs. 10-12 inches for HF).

bulk reading stations 2

Now with UHF-RFID, most of the daily functions performed are fully automated by GIMS™ without any labor involved. Activities such as shipping and receiving linens and uniforms to and from laundries and dry cleaners; monitoring inventory levels in various linen storerooms; daily pick-up of uniforms by employees; dropping off soiled uniforms for cleaning; taking a physical inventory – can now be done instantaneously and automatically with no labor.

InvoTech strategically locates appropriate UHF-RFID equipment around the property as needed. These reading stations record the specialized UHF-RFID laundry tags attached to each item as linens and uniforms pass within range. GIMS™ knows exactly what transpired with every read – what happened and where and when it occurred.

In addition, stock levels are monitored continuously at various locations enabling GIMS™ to know exactly what is available and where it is located.

The information and control provided by GIMS™ results in direct reduction of expenses and allows for everyone to be more productive. Losses are dramatically cut by on-going monitoring. Also, points of loss become known so remedial actions can be taken. Unproductive time spent tracking down items, manually recording various activities and looking for or trying to collect meaningful data is eliminated. Instead GIMS™ automates the various day-to-day activities and provides exact inventory counts and locations including the aging of each item. Managers know what is needed and where it is needed eliminating unnecessary labor and purchases.

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