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  • This catalog is used to request a quotation for equipment and supplies that are used with the InvoTech Systems. It is not necessary to have an InvoTech System to request a quotation. You will receive the quotation or a response within one business day.

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  Name SKU Description Sold in quantities of
scanner with cable
Cabled Barcode Scanner Kit S1068

Cabled Barcode Scanner Kit with base and 7 ft. USB cable connection.

scanner cordless
Cordless Barcode Scanner S1067

Cordless Scanner Kit with base, USB connection, 30-foot range

omni-directional scanner
Mounted Barcode Projection Scanner S1069

Omni-Directional Laser Scanner w/USB connection and Mounting stand (hands-free).

portable handheld1
Portable Handheld Barcode Scanner Kit S1064/S1293

Portable Handheld Scanner kit with rechargeable battery & WiFi capability (reads barcode labels only)