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  • This catalog is used to request a quotation for equipment and supplies that are used with the InvoTech Systems. It is not necessary to have an InvoTech System to request a quotation. You will receive the quotation or a response within one business day.

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  Name SKU Description Sold in quantities of
barcode key tags
Barcode Key Tags L1004

InvoTech Logo Barcode Key Tags for Security System.

24 per sheet
barcode labels
Barcode Labels (adhesive) L1003

Mini Adhesive Barcode Label Stickers.

id car scanner
Drivers License/ID Card Scanner S1113

Drivers License/ID Card Scanner for InvoTech Security System

electronic sigpad
Electronic Signature Capture Terminal E1047

Electronic Signature Capture Terminal with Tethered Stylus 

mini barcode scanner
Mini Barcode Scanner S1070

Mini Barcode Scanner Kit w/7ft. cable & USB connection

RFID Patrol Wand G1266

RFID Patrol wand only

RFID Patrol Wand Kit G1266/G1267

RFID Patrol Device with USB Download Station, 6 foot cable and Holster.

badge holder
Visitor Badge Holders with Clip X1116

Clear Plastic Visitor Badge Holders w/Clip.

50 per box
badge printer
Visitor Badge Printer P1114

Visitor Badge Printer with Automatic Cutter

badge printer labels
Visitor Badge Stickers L1115

Visitor Badge Labels/Sticker.