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The InvoTech Systems are used by hundreds of companies worldwide for more efficient operations and ongoing cost saving benefits. The systems are very reliable and easy-to-use, and InvoTech provides onsite system training and 24-hour support services. The return on investment on the InvoTech Systems are usually 100% within the first year.

Experience and Expertise
InvoTech has extensive experience and industry expertise. We have been developing software and providing inventory management systems since 1993. Our management team have an average tenure of 11-years with the company. We understand the needs of our clients for their many different types of operations.

InvoTech’s experience includes implementing our systems for existing operations and for brand new operations, such as a hotel or casino grand opening. InvoTech has a fast and easy process for implementing our systems for both existing operations and for property grand openings. InvoTech’s processes ensure that all inventory is properly accounted for in the system, and our customers are professionally trained to obtain the maximum ongoing cost saving benefits.

Reliable and Easy-To-Use
The InvoTech Systems are extremely reliable and very easy-to-use. Our systems are developed in-house by our Product Development Team and we ensure that the systems are reliable and easy-to-use. We know how critical this is to our customers, and it is also for InvoTech because we are providing the system training and support.

Flexible and Scalable
The InvoTech Systems can be configured to operate differently to meet the needs of our many clients. In addition, our systems are easily scalable to be used for different size operations or for when our clients expand their operation.

Installation, Training, and Support Services
InvoTech provides the highest level of customer service. Our installation and training team provide professional services including onsite installation and training, and 24-hour customer support.

Cost Saving Benefits and ROI
The InvoTech Systems provide extensive cost saving benefits. Each InvoTech System provides some different cost saving benefits and the benefits can also vary based on the different types of operations. The Return On Investment is usually 100% within the first year. We are pleased to assist with determining the expected cost saving benefits and ROI for your operations.

GREEN Systems and Technology
The InvoTech Systems integrate the latest technologies to reduce labor and paperwork. The technology, such as RFID, automates daily manual tasks to cut labor cost. Our systems have extensive reporting capabilities for improved information, and all reports can be viewed on the screen or saved as a PDF and emailed. It is not necessary to print the reports on paper. In addition, the electronic signature capture technology allows for signatures to be captured without having to print of file papers. The InvoTech Systems are paperless.

Satisfied Clients
InvoTech has hundreds of satisfied clients worldwide in more than 30 countries. Our clients include some of the largest and highest-profile hotels, resorts, and casinos. InvoTech provides systems to many industries, including hospitality, commercial laundry, healthcare, cleanrooms, entertainment and amusement industries worldwide. InvoTech has a 98% client retention rate. We are pleased to provide references upon request.

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